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Online Watercolor: (Ages 16-up)

Courses - Youth / SSP / Imagine & Design -
SSP 20-21 SY Enrichment

Online Watercolor: (Ages 16-up)

Join Vanessa online as you learn to paint a beautiful scene in watercolors. Step by step instructions and discussion on the difference between dry brush work, wet on wet, and wet on dry are included as we work together in this online class. This is a great no fear way to learn to paint in watercolors. Class will be taught online in 2hr. Zoom session with assignments to practice during the week.

Instructor: Vanessa Merry

Class Supply List:

Watercolor Pan Set Fundamentals By Artist Loft

Watercolor Paper 9X12 pad

Watercolor Brushes such as Royal & Langnickel acrylic handle round 10 brush and a small rounded detail brush

1 inch flat soft bristle flat brush

A board to tape paper flat to

Masking tape

Hair dryer (to speed dry time)

Cup of water

paper towel


  Vanessa Merry

At-Home / Virtual Course
Thu Sep 17, Thu Oct 22, Thu Nov 19 & Thu Dec 10
6:30 - 8:30 PM


Ages   16 yr. - 99 yr.

Price: $ 29 00