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Science Explorer's Art Bot & Chemistry with PH Kit (Ages: 8-14-with adult supervision)

Courses - Youth / District 197 / At Home Kits / STEM Kits -
197 SY Youth Enrichment 2020-2021

Pictures of the 2 Projects in this kit: Engineering (2 pics) & Chemistry with PH


What age range are the kits for?

  • Working with an adult ages, 8+ 
  • Working under adult supervision, ages 12+.

This Kit Contains The Following STEM Science Projects:

Engineering:  Take your first steps into engineering by designing and building your own Art-Bot. These fun and silly robots are popular with both children and adults. Using the Activity Guide, with detailed picture instructions, the fun begins as you build your own Art-Bot with a motor, battery holder and more! Then, give your robot a personality with the craft supplies included in the kit. This STEM kit is not just is hands-in.

Chemistry with PH: Step into your own science lab to test the pH of six everyday substances. The exciting part of testing for pH is that the mixture changes color. The final color will indicate if the substance tested is an acid, a base or a neutral. This experiment will have your child excited about the science side of STEM! Plus, enough pH indicators will be provided so this experiment can be conducted again to test other items found around your home.


Items in this kit are for external use only. Do not eat or drink any substance contained in this kit. Keep out of eyes, nose, and mouth.

This kit contain citric acid, which is a naturally occurring weak acid found in fruit. Wash hands after conducting experiments. If left on hands, can cause skin irritation.

Please be aware: The motor’s shaft spins at 1500 rpm, so keep shaft away from eyes, face and hair.


Small parts. Not for children under 4 years of age. 

This kit includes:

Activity Guides for Engineering & Chemistry with PH.

Engineering: 1-AA battery

1-AA battery holder, 1 hobby motor, 1.5 volt with wires, 1 piece of cardboard with 2 pre-punched holes, 1x2 inches, 1 paper clip, 2 metal fasteners, 1 large paper cup, color may vary, 1 clothes pin, half, 3 markers, colors will vary, 4 pipe cleaners, assorted colors, 6 pom-poms and/or stickers, assorted colors and sizes, 6 wiggle eyes, assorted colors and sizes, 3 feathers, assorted colors and sizes, 4 4x4 inch construction paper, assorted colors

Chemistry with PH: 1 pipette (dropper), 1 tsp of dried purple cabbage extract, 1 tsp of citric acid, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of vinegar powder, 1 tsp of alum, 1 craft stick, 1 spoon

**Items not included with kit: tape, glue, scissors, paper, 2-7 clear cups and optional paper towels


  Stacy Spitzack