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At Home Kidcreate Gum Ball Machine, Clay Unicorn, Silly Monster Kits (Grades: K-6)

Courses - Youth / District 197 / At Home Kits / Arts & Crafts Kits -
197 Fall Youth Enrichment 2020

Pictures of the 3 Projects in this Kit. 

At Home Art Kits with Online Instruction. 

Do-at-home art kits with online instructional videos are now available from Kidcreate Studio! These art kits are so much fun; it’s like having your very own private art teacher! The kit contains an easy to follow lesson plan, a link to a correlating online instructional video taught by a Kidcreate Studio art teacher, art materials needed to create one fridge-worthy masterpiece and additional suggestions for online learning that relate to the art lesson. 

Advantages of Art Kits with Online Instruction

  • Art kit will be shipped right to the home.
  • Online instruction available 24/7.
  • Suggestion for additional online learning.

What age range are the kits for?
1. The art kits are currently being created for elementary-aged kids. With adult supervision, the kits can also be used for preschoolers as well.

This Kit Contains The Following 3 Art Projects:

1. Thiebaud's Gum Ball Machine : Kids, this is your chance to do some super cool stuff while your mom has some time to herself. Do you love bubble gum? Whether it's bubble gum flavored, grape, apple, or orange- it’s all delicious! During this class, we will learn about the art of Wayne Thiebaud as we create our own versions of his gum ball machine paintings.

2. Silly Monster on Canvas: Artists will create with paint and foam to create a silly and textured monster that will pop out from the canvas!

3. Clay Unicorn: Let your artist go unicorn-crazy! With this kit, students will learn a simple step-by-step process to sculpt a darling unicorn. Add some sequins and a little dazzle, and this project is a dream come true for any unicorn enthusiast.

Can I see an example of the online instruction?
1. Yes! We are hosting the videos on YouTube. A private link to the video will be listed in the lesson plan kit. Only people with the link can access the videos. Go here to view one of the videos: 

7558-Kit 4

  Missy Meester