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About IGH ISD 199 ECFE

We hope you enjoy this fall's ECFE offerings. It you have any trouble registering, please call 651-306-7503. Leave your name, number and course you want to register for. You can also email the coordinator at LambertL@isd199.org. Thank you.

Featured Courses

  • Little Explorers

    Two year olds are growing at high sped.  They require guidance and limits as they set out to explore their world.  Our classrooms are set up to allow children to engage all of their senses as they sing, dance, create, build, problem solve, communicate and socialize.  Children gain confidence, trust and independence as their parents separate for facilitator led parent education which focuses on child development, parenting, and parent-child relationships.This is a separating class. Sibling care is available.
  • My Daddy is AWESOME

    Dads ARE awesome and an important part of a child's development.  Fathers, or other male figures, can play with their child in a relaxed setting with oodles of fun activities to choose from.