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Parlez-vous francais? Part Deux! (Grades: 5-7)

Courses - Youth / District 197/Distrito 197 West St. Paul/Mendota Heights/Eagan Area / 197 School Year Enrichment 23-24 / Middle School Enrichment / Friendly Hills Enrichment -
197 Youth Enrichment School Year 23-24

Join us as we review basic French greetings and learn simple conversations. We will write a letter to our French pen pals, who live near the southern city of Toulon, France. We will continue our exploration of France, as we watch part of a french film, listen to la musique pop de la France, and learn how to make French beignets/doughnuts.

Class 1:  Introductions, Learn/review greetings & map of Paris; play Paris monuments game

Class 2:  Review, learn vocabulary: #s,colors; Learn and write- questions for classmates & penpals ;Write pen pal letters. If time play game in French outside(weather permitting).

Class 3:  Review, learn vocabulary #s, & commands for playing Battleship in French

Class 4:  Review, learn vocabulary for the Questions game in French and play game

Class 5:  Review; Make French beignets/doughnuts

*All levels are welcome.

Students will need to bring a notebook, pencils, their school iPad. Taught by FHMS, 6th Grade Teacher Ms. Lynch 

2384-SP24 Closed
District 197 - 197 Friendly Hills Middle School : 264 Upper Red
Wednesdays, May 1 - May 29
3:30 - 4:15 PM


Grades   5th - 7th

Price: $ 49 00

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