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TriDistrict Community Education seminars for parents, caregivers, educators to enrich the experience of children in their care.

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  • Are You Parenting for Success or Setting Your Kids Up for Failure? 4 Must-Have Strategies to Raise Great Kids

    Do you have a plan for parenting your children well or do you feel like you’re winging it more often? Research tells us that nearly 50% of college students suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and binge drinking. Those astounding numbers tell us that we need to be parenting differentlynowso you can raise a child who’s loving, kind, responsible, strong, confident and capable as a young adult. Parenting strategies that you’re using today, in the moment, will have far-reaching results for your child’s success. Come to this class to learn four key strategies for creating a parenting plan that will help you raise resilient kids. You’ll receive practical tips that you can easily implement immediately so you’re parenting with a plan for your child’s current and future success.