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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • At Kids' Choice you must sign your child in and out each day

    This is important for the safety of each child. If another adult or guardian is picking your child up, inform the staff on site by phone or a note. Staff members are instructed to ID anyone they do not recognize who comes to pick up a child.

  • Can I volunteer at Kids’ Choice?

    Family members are welcome to volunteer in the program. Volunteers need to be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged in our school district. Volunteer opportunities are determined and communicated by the building/department administration and/or classroom teacher. All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application Form and complete a background check each school year. The fee for the background check is paid by the district. 

  • Can my child bring items from home to Kids’ Choice?

    The site is fully equipped with art supplies, outdoor equipment, manipulative and games for the children to enjoy. The program STRONGLY suggests leaving items at home. If you decide to allow your child to bring an item from home, please follow the guidelines and policies on page 6 of the Kids’ Choice Family Handbook

  • How are breakfast, lunch and snack done at Kids’ Choice?

    School Year:

    Breakfast and lunch are through the schools food service department.
    Snack and Milk are served daily after school while at Kids' Choice.

    School Year Non-School Days:

    • Breakfast is served from Kids' Choice
    • Lunch you must provide
    • We may or may not have access to a microwave or freezer, so pack your lunches accordingly.
    • Snack is served from Kids' Choice

    Summer at Kids' Choice:

    • Kids' Choice will participate in the school districts Summer Feeding program. This opportunity will provide the youth in our program a free breakfast and lunch M-Th while the summer feed programs runs.
    • Families will need to provide a lunch the week of July 4th and on all Fridays
    • In the afternoon, Kids’ Choice provides a nutritious snack with milk free of charge.
    • We may or may not have access to a microwave or freezer, so pack your lunches accordingly.


  • How do I report an absence at Kids' Choice?

    If your child will be absent, please inform the staff with a note or phone call to the main site phone number. 

    Kaposia: 651-288-6865
    Lincoln Center: 651-457-9478

  • How will I be informed of the activities in which my child is participating in while at Kids' Choice?

    Each site has an Activities Calendar posted in the family area. This helps keep you informed about your child’s day at Kids’ Choice. Each day your child has the opportunity to take part in many group and individual experiences which encourage physical, intellectual and social development with a minimum of formal structure in a well-supervised and comfortable environment. 

    We travel off site during the summer program. If your child is on site the day of the trip, he or she is required to participate in the field-trip. Field-trip information will be posted on site and is available on the program webpage.

  • In SSP Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

    Please park in a designated parking area: you may be towed from an undedicated parking areas. It is also important to not leave children in the car and that your car is shut off before entering the building. Adults and adults only are required to use their code to enter the building.

    Kaposia: Room 233
    Enter Main door

    Lincoln Center: Lower level of the Art Wing
    Enter Door #4 (Follow the signs)

  • Kaposia Education Center Staff

    Staff: Ross Site Supervisor

    Candy, Weeza, Teranic, Ashley, Julie, Kim, Courtney, Jackie, Jordan and Nurse Juli

  • Lincoln Center Staff

    Staff: Jennifer Site Supervisor

    Sandy, Tom, Lisa, David, Mariah, Kim, Christina, Trina, Loretta, and Nurse Juli

  • SSP Kids’ Choice Leadership

    The Kids’ Choice program operates under the leadership of the TriDistrict Community Education Director and the Program Coordinator.

    Each site is staffed by professionals. The staff members have a special combination of experience and professional expertise which enables them to provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment.

  • What and where is the family area at Kids' Choice?   

    The family area is designed to keep Kids’ Choice families informed. They are located in the main area of our sites as close to the entrance as possible.

    These areas include the iPad to sign in/out, site activity calendars, a daily schedule, snack information, site business cards and Kids’ Choice staff photos. Family Handbooks can also be found in the family area or by going to the Kids’ Choice web site. 

  • What are the Kids’ Choice program dates and hours of operations?


    Hours of Operations

    • 6:30 a.m. to start of school & end of school till 6 p.m.
    • Tuesday, September 4 Kids’ Choice 2018-2019 School Year Program begins
    • Tuesday-Wednesday September 4 & 5 N/S Days for Kindergarten students only
    • Thursday, September 6 Kindergarten Begins
    • Monday, September 10 Kids’ Choice Preschool Care Begins
    • Week of October 15-19 Kids’ Choice Non-School Days
    • November 22 & 23 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Monday, December 3 Kids’ Choice Non-School Day
    • Monday, Tuesday, December 24 & 25 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Wednesday-Friday, December 26-28 Kids’ Choice Non-School Days
    • December 31 & January 1 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Friday, January 18Kids’ Choice Non-School Days
    • Monday, January 21 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Friday, February 15 Kids’ Choice Non-School Days
    • Monday, February 18 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Thursday & Friday March 7 & 8 Kid’ Choice Non-School Days
    • Week of March 11-15 Kid’ Choice Non-School Days
    • Friday, April 19 Kids’ Choice Non-School Day
    • Monday, May 27 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Thursday, June 6 Last Day of School and Kids’ Choice
    • June 7, 10, 11 Kids’ Choice Program Closed
    • Wednesday, June 12 Kids’ Choice Summer Program Begins
  • What happens if my child becomes ill, needs medication or has an accident while at Kids’ Choice?

    If a child becomes ill or injured at Kids’ Choice, staff will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s). Please remember to keep contact information current at Kids’ Choice. Refer to page 14 in the Kids’ Choice Handbook for further information about these policies and procedures. 

  • What happens if there is a site emergency or weather-related closing at Kids' Choice?

    When we think of emergency closing, we tend to associate them with the winter months and the winter weather conditions, but there are situations that can arise at any time of the year and we need to be prepared. Please refer to pages 15-16 of your Kids’ Choice Family Handbook for program procedures.

  • What is the programs policy on Personal Electronic Devices at Kids' Choice? 

    The program follows the districts belief and policies related to the use of Personal Electronic Devices that states it is a privilege and can be an acceptable communication and educational tool that requires responsible use by all students. The program STRONGLY discourages youth from bringing their devices to the program. Youth will have the opportunity to visit the computer labs on a consistent basis. For more information, refer to page 6 in your Kids’ Choice Family Handbook.

  • What should my child wear at Kids' Choice?

    Please dress your child appropriately according to the weather. Your child will have a choice to spend time outdoors each day. The children will need a pair of sneakers for the gym, outdoor activities and fieldtrips.

  • When, where and how do I pay Kids’ Choice tuition?

    Kids’ Choice tuition statements are emailed to you monthly. Tuition fees cover a one-month period and are due in advance of the childcare service.

    Payments are due to the Kids’ Choice office on the 15th of the month. Late payments will be assessed a $10 fee. Failure to make payments on time is subject to termination from the program. For more information, refer to pages 9-11 in your Kids’ Choice Family Handbook.

Still have questions?

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