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  • A Parent's Guide to TikTok

    Have you heard about the latest new app called TikTok? Learn how it's used and how parents can help their kids stay safe while on it. You'll leave the class with helpful action items to help gain a better understanding on what to do, or not do, within the app. The class will help set up a healthy foundation for technology habits your family can benefit from for the rest of their lives whether in school or in their professional careers. Instructor: Nickie Welsh with Social Club Simple
  • Cell Phones and Parenting - Oh My!

    When your child has a Smartphone there are key things you should know in order to keep them safe and secure. In this class you'll understand recommended safety settings on popular social media apps, parental apps for you child's Smartphone, and more. You will leave this class with a confident plan to simplify the technology so that you and your child can use the phone safely without worry. Instructor: Nickie Welsh with Social Club Simple
  • Create Social Media Content Without Panicking

    Are you nervous to begin filming and posting your own social media content? Overcome media content fears with our beginner class. Whether for business or personal use, learn strategies for effortless social media content creation. Say goodbye to camera anxiety and gain skills for confident and engaging content. Step-by-step guidance ensures a quick start. Unleash your potential in this empowering class! Instructor: Nickie Welsh with Social Club Simple
  • Photo Organization: Print & Digital

    Imagine all your photos in one place with a system that allows you to access any photo or movie in literally seconds. Learn about scanners for copies and repair of older prints and slides, cloud storage services, and owning vs renting. Discover everything you need to know to complete this project and quickly. Never worry about losing another photo again! Instructor: Kathleen Povolny
  • Social Media for Business

    Driving new customer traffic to your website and promoting your business is imperative in today's technology world. Don't let your skillset or company get left behind by missing the key social media rules you need to know! In this class, you'll learn how to craft a simple but effective social media marketing strategy, listen directly to customers and implement tips to grow your business all while staying organized without technology overwhelm. Instructor: Nickie Welsh with Social Club Simple