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  • Medicare Seminars: What is New for Medicare 2022?

    What changes are anticipated for Medicare program recipients in 2022 with the new plans? Will the premiums for Part B increase? Do I need to review my Medicare health plan and prescription drug plan vs the new program options? What new benefits are being offered by various Medicare advantage programs? This seminar will address all these questions but no specific plan data will be shared. Presenters: Harvey Perle, Owner and Principal of Perle & Co., & Sheri Salloway Yarosh, MBA licensed insurance agent from Partners Senior Advantage l Thur, Oct 14 9:30-10:30am $5 Register in advance
  • Mystery Book Club

    Solve a mystery every month! Read and discuss book selections along with other mystery book enthusiasts, and share your favorite mysteries with the group! The Mystery Book Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month, 10:30 - 12:00.
  • Nature Sense

    Nature Sense These programs are designed for seniors to promote connections with nature. Autumn programs will take place both inside & outside, once a month, Tuesday afternoons, 2:30-3:30. Meet Naturalist Eloise Dietz for a hands-on introduction to this month's theme. Following the presentation participants will take a guided tour through various parts of the park's trails. You are encouraged to wear walking shoes and appropriate clothing for temperature and weather conditions. Presenter: Eloise Dietz, Former Dodge Nature Center Naturalist . Autumn Colors Hike Tues, Oct 5 2:30-3:30 pm $8 Register by Tues, Sept 28 . Nature's Harvest Tues, Nov 2 2:30-3:30 pm $8 Register by Tues, Oct 26 . Winter Light Tues, Dec 7 2:30-3:30 pm $8 Register by Tues, Nov 30 .
  • Nonfiction Book Club 2021-2022

    Read and discuss a classic nonfiction book or the latest bestseller! The group selects future books to read - a great way to share or find your next favorite book! The Nonfiction Book Club meets on the first Thursday of each month, 10:30 - 12:00. Sept Book Title: Bag Man by Rachel Maddow & Michael Yarvitz
  • Open Bridge

    Bridge is played with four people using a standard deck of 51 cards (no jokers). The players across from each other form partnerships as North-South and East-West. Each deal consists of three parts - auction: the four players bid in a clockwise rotation describing their hands; play: the side that wins the bidding auction tries to take the tricks necessary to fulfill their contract; and scoring: scores are tallied at the end of play. Thursdays 12:30-3 pm $15 per trimester Register in advance
  • Open Watercolor

    Enjoy painting with others who share your love of this art, while listening to classical music and conversing with one another. Bring your own supplies. There is no instructor for this group, so paint whatever inspires you!
  • Patriotic Journey

    Folds of Honor is an engaging and expressive thirty-minute presentation covering the historical background of the bugle call "Taps", as well as the folding of the American flag when presented at the conclusion of a military funeral. Included in the presentation are intriguing, often little-known details of the evolution of the twenty-four notes of "Taps", myths, and commemorative sites. The presentation of the folding of an American flag includes its patriotic historical background and an explanation of the symbolism of the thirteen folds as it is folded.* Veterans will be recognized at the the end of the event speech. Presenter: Dick Middelton Wed, Nov 10 1-2 pm $10 Register by Wed, Nov 3
  • Professor David Schultz: American Politics and the Future of the Two Party System

    For 150 years, American Politics has been dominated by the Democratic and Republican Parties. Yet increasingly, voters no longer identify with either party. Do we need new political parties? This talk looks at how political parties in America have changed over time and whether there is a need for new parties in the future. Presenter: Professor David Schultz, political science dept at Hamline University, teacher of American politics, public policy and administration, and ethics; Holds appointment @ UofM Law School and teaches election law, state constitutional law, and professional responsibility. Thur, Dec 16 10-11:30 am $12 Register by Thur, Dec 9
  • Project Mat Making - Umbrella Group

    The Umbrella Group is organizing this service project -- crocheting plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless population. You do not have to know how to crochet to participate. Your skills can be used in sorting bag types, cutting "plarn" (plastic yarn), or learning to crochet from others. This is a team effort and takes many human-hours to complete a mat! If you're feeling ambitious, some work can be done at home between meeting dates. 4th Tuesdays 1-3 pm No Fee Please register in advance. Space is limited.
  • Red Hot Peppers

    Red Hot Peppers is a fun group of women over 50 who enjoy socializing and going to events once per month. 1st Tuesdays 10:30 am 1617-F21 $10 annually
  • Richard Painter: Lying is OK, If You're in Politics! Or is it?

    How did we get to the place where blatant lying, by our elected officials, is the norm? Has it always been like this? What' the history? What are the consequences for this behavior? The group will gather at TPAC. Our presenter, Richard Painter, will be joining the group live on-screen via Zoom. We'll have it all set up! Presenter: Richard Painter, President Law Officer, Former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer, Independent, Host of Politics Podcast Views expressed are his own. Wed, Oct 13 10-11:30 am $5 Register by Wed, Oct 6
  • SSP Murder Mystery Lunch

    Arrive in the tiny village of Afton, MN at the historic Afton House Inn overlooking the St. Croix River Valley. Be seated in the Wheel Room or Pennington Room. This modern property is filled with antique ambiance. Upon arrival guests will receive parts for the murder mystery play. In the process of removing suspicion from yourself, you question or point to others with motive and opportunity. During these two hours of laughter and mystery solving, you will be served a luncheon. Menu: Rosemary Roasted Pork Loin with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, a Rosemary Demin Glaze, Fresh Vegetables, Rolls & Butter, Coffee or Hot Tea, Dessert. After the mystery is solved, take a few minutes to look around the property. There are some B & B rooms you can view. Within a few blocks there are some small shops to explore and an ice cream shop. Tuesday, November 16 $72.00 Depart TPAC 10am / Return 2:15pm Depart SSP 10:15am / Return 2pm Register by August 30
  • SSP The Play That Goes Wrong (Old Log Theater)

    Have lunch in the Old Log Dining Room. Make menu choice at sign up: Bone-out Short Rib with mashed potatoes, green beans and au jus Chicken Breast with roasted red potatoes, green beans and a sherry cream sauce. Vegetarian pasta. Made with house marinara and fresh vegetables. All meals include Rolls, Coffee, Tea, Dessert 1:15 p.m. After lunch move into theater. 1:30 p.m. Theater performance ““The Play That Goes Wrong.” This classic murder mystery is chock-full of mishaps and madcap mania and set on The Murder at Haversham Manor where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. With an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines), it’s “tons of fun for all ages” (HuffPost) and “Comic Gold” (Variety) – are sure to bring down the house! Thursday, January 20, 2022 $83.00 Depart TPAC 10:15am / Return 5pm Depart SSP 10:30am / Return 4:45pm Register by December 17
  • Scientific American Group (Zoom Option Available)

    Gather at TPAC (or join via Zoom) each month to engage in discussion on articles from the latest issue of Scientific American magazine. Zoom invitation will be given following registration for those joining remotely. Our facilitator, Ph.D. Biochemist Gary Gray, will join the group on-screen via Zoom. Third Wednesdays 10-11:30 am 1575-S21 $10 annually Register in advance
  • Scrabble

    If you love the sound of "Triple Word Score!" or are just waiting for your chance to use the word "chutzpah", then join us at TPAC for this competitive classic word game! Play in groups of 3 or 4 for some friendly word competition. Mondays 10:30am $15 per trimester
  • Senior Fall Fashion Show

    SSP Fall Senior Fashion Show Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11AM-1PM Lunch from Magnolias Restaurant Inc. will be included: Roast Turkey Homemade Stuffing Mashed Potatoes Homemade Gravy Homemade Cranberry Sauce Fashion provided by Taylor Marie's because your fashion is your style.
  • Share Your Art at "Rootin' for the Arts"!

    Artist, Exhibitors! Share Your Art at TPAC's “Rootin' for the Arts” Rootbeer Floats, Live Band, and Art Show Did you know TPAC has its own “no experience necessary” creative art community? We have an afternoon planned for you to indulge your senses, SHARE YOUR ART and view other artist's work. Oh, and don't forget to enjoy a lip-smacking root beer float and tap your toes to the live music! If you are staying for the music and root beer floats, please sign up for the Rootin' For the Arts as well, so we can reserve some ice cream for you! Get inspired and be involved in the fun! See you there! . Guidelines include: Tables & wall space will be provided. Please bring your art matted or framed & display-ready. Bring your art between 11 am-12:30 pm. (The show starts at 1 pm.) Art sales are not allowed on site. If you have original work and someone is interested, by all means, exchange contact information so you can arrange the sale outside of the art show. . Call TPAC @ 651-403-8300 if you have questions or need details on how you can display your creations. Wed, Aug 25 Bring Your Art: 11 am-12:30 pm (Art Show: 1-3 pm) Register to Show Your Art by Wed, Aug 18
  • Social Security: Your Questions Answered

    In this course, we'll take a look at ways to maximize Social Security benefit amounts for the individual and spouse based on age, life expectancy, employment and need. Social Security will likely be the foundation of your retirement income. That's why it's so important to understand your options and the effect your decisions have on your retirement before you retire. Presenter: Jack Reed from Edward Jones Thur, Dec 9 9:30-10:30 am 1634-F21 1 session - $3 Register by Thur, Dec 2
  • TED Talks Discussion Group

    TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Together, we’ll watch a popular pre-selected 20-minute TED TALK Video. Next, our facilitator will pose a few questions to get the conversation started and the group will do the rest. Enjoy the diverse and interesting topics! Third Tuesdays 1-2:30 pm 1607-F21 $10 annually Register in advance . Sept: "Three Kinds of Bias that Shape Your Worldview" - J. Marshall Shepherd What shapes our perceptions (and misperceptions) about science? Shepherd explains three biases that impact what we think we know -- and shares ideas for how we can replace them with something much more powerful: knowledge. Oct: "Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation" - Celeste Headlee As a radio host for decades, Headlee knows the ingredients of a great conversation: honesty, brevity, clarity, and a lot of listening. In this insightful talk, she shares then useful rules for having more rewarding conversations.
  • TPAC Knitting Group

    Bring your own yarn, needles and any other supplies and join this group for knitting, crocheting, and socializing. Mondays @ 1:00.
  • TPAC Out & About Group

    Dive into new community events and activities each month with people of similar adventurous appetites! Meets on the 4th Friday of each month. Actual dates and locations of activities will vary throughout the year.
  • TPAC Wednesday Walkers

    "Walk, Talk & Gawk!" Exercise, socialize and visualize! Combine the fitness of walking with nature and comradery each Wednesday morning at 9 am. Meet at the TPAC building and drive to the selected walking destination - you won't be bored with the same walking route anymore! Mid-May thru Late October
  • The Discover Group (Zoom Option Available)

    Gather at TPAC (or join via Zoom) each month to engage in discussion on articles from the latest issue of Discover magazine. So much is happening so fast - climate change, medical breakthroughs, space exploration, and more! Zoom invitation will be given following registration for those joining remotely. Our facilitator, Ph.D. Biochemist Gary Gray, will join the group on-screen via Zoom. Third Fridays 10-11:30 am 1574-S21 $10 annually Register in advance
  • The GraceNotes Trio

    Pat Anderson, Diane Horsager, and Connie Everist make up this women's vocal trio singing a wide variety of popular songs -- with an Andrews Sisters' sound -- songs like "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Over the Rainbow", and "Chapel of Love". We will also include a 30 minute Holiday selection, with audience participation songs, and some ditties just to make everyone laugh. We bring nostalgia, smiles, and joy to our audience. Wed, Dec 8 1-2 pm $12 dessert included Register by Thurs, Dec 2